“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”
Ruth Reichl

You’re entering the playground of book promotion ideas. Nothing’s too crazy to try, nothing’s too precious to hoard. Have fun, leave comments, share ideas.


Part 1 of a series: The Anatomy of an Article –


sell more books for websiteOn sale now until Easter (the Bunny made me do it!)

You may already know about tweeting your book, but do you know how effective a Facebook event can be? My newest book, written with Michelle Campbell-Scott, gives 55 different promotional methods. We know some of them are fairly well-known, but others have flown under the radar – and we want you to take advantage of as many promo methods as possible.

To make it easy, we created five different categories, based on your personality type. Let’s face it, not all of us love putting our face in front of a video camera! Whether you’re the

  • Rock Star
  • Big Five
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Best Friend
  • Wizard

you’re going to find promos that fit you perfectly. Now available on the Kindle.


I sell a lengthy essay (a bit more than 5,000 words) on Kindle for $0.99 called How the California Gold Rush Changed the gold rush smallFace of America.  I converted the book to audio and it’s also available on Amazon for $6.95. Sales have been good – which makes me happy as the history of the American frontier is truly a passion for me.

But that’s not what I wanted to write about.

I received an email about a month ago from an historic site in Long Beach, CA, called Rancho Los Cerritos. It’s an historic site that at one time contained 27,000 acres. Someone there had seen my Gold Rush essay and invited me to be a speaker for their lecture series. Of course I accepted.  I’ll be talking for about an hour or so with a Q/A afterwords – am already preparing some handouts and images I want to take with me. . . . keep reading

Writing The Personal Essay

Isn’t it interesting that I’ve been writing about flash non-fiction – and encouraging readers of the Art of Extraordinary Writing to try their hand at the form – – and a week later I receive a press release about an author who “breathes new life into a neglected form through masterfully crafted, universally relatable, and deeply […]

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My Story and an Invitation

When I was ten I wanted to be an archaeologist. I’m not sure if it was the idea of climbing through ancient ruins or the thought of making a world-shaking discovery that became my carrot; whichever it was, it didn’t happen. Instead I fell in love with the power of words andwent on to become […]

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Bent’s Old Fort – an Exercise in Chatting About Something Fun

I read an article today about 40 blog post ideas for writers. You’d think, as writers, that our brains could create dozens of blog ideas, but yes, we do get stuck. That’s why I picked #1 on the idea list – writing about a vacation. I choose a trip along the Santa Fe Trail to Bent’s […]

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Just Released – Book for Authors of Fiction and Non-Fiction

My Facebook friend and colleague, Michelle Campbell-Booth and I just released a book we’ve been working on for the past several months. Make Your Book Work Harder is all about increasing your income by publishing your books on multiple platforms. In addition, we’ve added lots of cool services and sites to help maximize your promotional […]

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Day of the dead meets #halloween …. just another moment in a #writerslife

Mashup image of Day of the Dead / Halloween scenes at Old Town, San Diego. You know, as a writer, it’s so important to get out into the world . . . how else will ideas brew in our brains?

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Ain’t no #writerslife without a cat spilling out her dreams

When I watch her sleep, I can only imagine the images tearing around inside her little head. And what I imagine is beautiful.

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How to #Write for #Kindle last seen in #Tombstone, Arizona

I love sending my book on a journey.

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Where’s How to Write for Kindle?

I decided my Kindle book – How to Write for Kindle – was getting tired of hanging out in San Diego. So, I opened the door and let the wind take him into the cosmos. First stop? Tombstone, Arizona – the town too tough to die.  Where do you think this wayward book will end […]

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While some #writers never sleep, their cats have no need to keep them company. #writerslife

Couldn’t sleep.  Too many ideas racing through my mind. Got up, turned on the desk lamp – settled in to get the ideas out of the brain and into the document. Cat never blinked an eye.

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How to Embed a Pinterest Board on Your Website

Thanks to the easy steps in this article, you can embed any of your Pinterest boards on your site. Just like this one:

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