I Help Non-Fiction Authors Get Books Out of Their Head and Onto Paper

Are You New to Non-Fiction Books or Stuck Somewhere Along the Way?

Whether you’re new to book-writing or getting hung up along the way, I can help.

I’ve written 30 non-fiction books (self and traditionally published) and have created easy-to-understand techniques to help you start or finish your own project.

I’m currently offering 30 and 60-minute Skype consultations* three days a week for non-fiction authors only. During our call I can help with wherever YOU are in the process, including

  • how to go from idea to proposal
  • how to writer faster using my own outline technique
  • how to structure your non-fiction book
  • how to stay on deadline
  • what do include in a book proposal cover letter
  • how to start or finish your non-fiction book project

Ready to Get Started With Your Non-Fiction Project?

Schedule a 30-minute Skype consultation  $90

Schedule a 60-minute Skype consultation $175

After scheduling your consult, you’ll receive an email detailing the process and how to prepare for the call.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to helping you!

*There is no long-term commitment or contract. 

What Other Authors Are Saying About My Program

“A great teacher!”
“Nancy, This has been GREAT. I have learned so much. I can’t thank you enough for being such a great teacher. Many thanks! Roxanne W.

“Pure pleasure”
Thank you – it has been a pure pleasure working with you! Debra N.

“Extremely valuable”
I found this work extremely valuable in guiding me through a process that I was very unsure of. I would recommend it to anyone. Sharon K.

“Thank you!”
I feel like I’m making great headway. Thank you.
Andrea D.

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge”
This was exactly what I needed right now. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me!
Kari S.

“Very exciting”
Thank you so much for all I’ve learned these past four weeks. This has been very exciting. Nancy M.

“You care”
It’s obvious you care about what you do. Karen D.

Great! Thanks! Donna K.

“I hate to see this end”
I have enjoyed this so much that I hate to see it end. Thank you so much for the motivation you have provided. Jane S.