How to Use WordPress to Market Your Kindle Books

WordPress – Great for Kindle Marketing

wordpress websites for writersI got into building WordPress sites more than five years ago, and since that time have created dozens and dozens. WordPress is outstanding for authors because 1) it’s free; 2) it has thousands of great plugins (free); and thousands of beautiful themes (free). I wrote my book, WordPress Websites, because so many people kept asking me how to do things like add images to a sidebar or change a header, that I decided to round up all those questions and put it in my book.

The book is just as valuable today as when I wrote and revised it (2014), and in fact it’s been translated into Spanish. If you already have a WP sites, pick up the book to learn some of the backend tricks. But what you won’t find in the book is how to use WordPress for book marketing . . . which takes me to . . .

Udemy Course Discount

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking a Udemy course from Dennis J. Smith called Kindle: Maximum eBook Profits With WordPress Marketing. It’s an excellent course on book marketing, and how authors can sell more books by utilizing their WordPress websites. Dennis’ course sells for $499 but because he knows I help so many writers who are just getting started – and who don’t have that kind of cash on hand – he gave me a code for readers of this blog to get the course for seven bucks. Yes. $7.

To get the 98% discount, you need to use the coupon code Nancy7 OR just click this link:

Dennis is a really good guy and if you have problems or questions, don’t hesitate to hit him up for help.

Brainstorming Revisited

If you read my earlier post on brainstorming an article by using pen and paper or mind-mappingstrategic-consulting-hendrickson software, you’ll know what a fan I am of doing a brain-dump just to get ideas out of my head and onto paper in a (somewhat) organized fashion. I prefer the pen and paper method but I also have the Simple Mind app on my phone, which I tend to use while waiting for an appointment or when I walk to my local coffeehouse for a morning brew and think. Continue reading

My Free Magazines are Now Available via Your Web Browser

I created two magazines on the Flipboard platform . . . one specifically for writers of all genres and the other for people (like me) who love history, travel and photography. Both magazines are free. To date, the easiest way to use Flipboard was as an app on your digital device. However, Flipboard announced yesterday that magazines can now be read in big beautiful displays via your Web browser.  You’ll find the links to my two magazines here:

As of today, my writing magazine has over 3,000 free articles and my history-travel-photography more than 800. I try to add at least three articles every day to each magazine so the content is always fresh.

Take a look – and let me know what you think about both.