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I’m Nancy Hendrickson, author and solopreneur. I write non-fiction books (30 so far) on writing, history,iphoneography, and genealogy. I am an avid traveler and photographer, idea-smith, and artist. Memberships include the Association of Ghostwriters and Western Writers of America. If you’re searching for a ghostwriter, use the Contact form or email me directly nancy [at] nancyhendrickson [dot] com

What Will You Find Here?”

If you’re a writer, the articles you’ll find here range from book marketing to inspiration to silliness, to iPhone photography, to history . . . . not because I’m trying to convert you to the things I love, but to remind you to reconnect with the things that fuel your passion. Starting now.

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  1. Author Resources (you’ll find my favorite freebies here)
  2. Book Promotion – Where’s Your Audience
  3. Make a Decision About Your Writing Goals

I’m  passionate about helping new or struggling non-fiction writers find their groove, get their work published, and move to becoming a financially solvent part-time authors.  I answer all of my own emails  and reply to every post left on the site. Sign-up for my 5 on Friday newsletter (down in the footer) to receive up-to-date info on new courses, deep discounts, indie publishing opportunities, and writing resources.

Questions? I love getting them, I love answering them. Hit the Contact link at the top of the page and ask away. Because I’m both indie and traditionally published, I can help you from both sides of the table.

Oh yes, you’ll also find a bit about me.