Should I self publish or go traditional?

Self-Publish or Traditional? When to Go Hybrid

  The last time I counted I’d written 30 books. About half are on the self-publish side, half traditional. Since the great Kindle revolution there’s been such a backlash against traditional publishing that I thought I’d throw in my 2c since I do both trad and indie. The Case for Traditional Publishing Last spring, during the height of the coloring… Read more →

Now’s Your Chance to Write a Novel

I write non-fiction books and articles. But do I want to write a novel (or more than one)?  Yes! I’ve been following Joanna Penn for a long time (never miss her podcasts) and was thrilled when she released her brand new course How to Write a Novel. I’ve signed up for the course and am almost finished with Module 1… Read more →

San Diego Coloring Book

Newest Book Released

What started as a lark turned into a full-fledged project – the San Diego Coloring Book. As a long-time San Diego resident and photographer, I’ve been shooting SD for years. It occurred to me one day in the spring that I had never seen a San Diego coloring book, although our city is visited by zillions of people every year.… Read more →

Indie Author Superpack

This deal from those crazy guys over at Buck Books came out of the blue and lasts only June 8-10 (Wed-Fri). This is insanely short notice on this, but Buck threw together a super-quick, 3-day flash sale as an unofficial launch event for Digital Freedom Academy. He calls it the Indie Author Superpack and includes K.M. Weiland’s Novel Freedom Course… Read more →

writers need coffee

Writer’s Life is Hectic

At least this writer’s life is! In the last month I’ve had two book deadlines to meet and a third book contract to finalize. I plan on taking a couple weeks off in July just to catch my breath. Just wondering – is your writing life just as hectic or are you able to go at a pace that’s more… Read more →