First – If you’re an editor or potential client, here’s a (not) complete list of projects and clients.

The Personal Stuff

I am currently rethinking that “about” stuff. And, thanks to the comment from Jeanne (below) I’m adding more about me.nancy hendrickson

I have a passion for the frontier west – from about 1800 to 1880. Most of my trips are to  historic sites in America – many of them unknown to most. Walking where history happened feels a lot like experiencing the events myself.  My sister and I try to get in at least one long history trip a year – sometimes two if we’re lucky.

(The photo is of me back in my skinny days – the “surgeon” at Bent’s Old Fort, Colorado, is suggesting he cut off my finger to cure my headache!)

We’ve seen strange things. Like ghosts.

On one trip we traveled to the back-of-beyond (think dirt ruts, stream beds, off the grid) to see a rock where two troopers in Custer’s 7th Cavalry carved their names and the date, on their way to the Little Big Horn. When we drove across the cattle grate to enter the site, we both got the shivers – there was something that felt so strange we were worried that we crossed some invisible barrier to another time.

Writing Stuff

I know I’ve written close to 30 books and hundreds of magazine and web articles.

Beyond that . . . .

I love research

My passion is the history of the American west

I’m a cat person

I wear purple a lot (does that mean I’m old?)

I’m an Emily Dickinson fan

Always loved Dylan (Bob and Thomas)

I listen to period music when writing

I’m currently into lime green things

I live in a cottage

I grow herbs and tomatoes and flowers

I ponder

I write. I write. I write.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I just finished your book “How to write for Kindle”. Loved it! Reviewed it under the name Sparrow. I am here at the page because I wanted to learn more about you. Here’s a suggestion for your “About” tab – we, the readers I guess, want to know “who” you are. Love what you do, but “who” is far more interesting. Your writing — the “Best” I have seen in centuries! I know exactly what you mean about the joy that good writing gives a person … both writer & reader. Awesome! Love it! Thanks. :-)

  2. I found your “How to write for Kindle” after midnight last night. I had downloaded books for hours it seemed, trying to find a simple, easy book on how to format and submit a book to Kindle. (I’m very new to this.) With a headache from wondering how so many people could write so much and say so little, I was about to give up and go to bed when I found “the mother lode”! Your Book! How could I have missed it?? Headache forgotten, my eyes could not move fast enough until I finished it. I’m not sure what time that was. Before I sit down today to read (instead of “gulp”) it again I must thank you. My wish is that someday one of my readers will find that excitement and joy of reading in one of my books that I just found in yours. THANK YOU.

  3. Margie – you just made my day! And, the book is in the process of being updated. So stay tuned for even more.


  4. Hi, Nancy. I’m a newbie to writing books and articles, but a veteran 20+ year grant writer. Despite living in England, Switzerland, Cyprus, Egypt and the Wesr Bank, with many personal interests, I seem to have writer’s block on where to start. Suggestions? Or have you addressed this in one of your books? I suppose I could start with a series of “vague memories” – e.g., when I rode bareback and walked across North Dakota’s Ft Seward to Mandan trail, or explored caves in Wisconsin or repelled off cliffs on the St. Croix River. But who would read such things? You’re invited to Minnesota. The beauty of the North Shore is spectacular and we are “western” enough to have lots of Indian and military history here, too. Punkin (my grey tabby) also sends his greetings!

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