clock-blueThe beginning of last week was a little overwhelming with a bunch of non-writing things to do: the eye doctor for me, the vet for the cat, concern over my brother’s surgery, taking time to listen to a great webinar, and having a Skype chat with Dennis Smith, a fellow Udemy instructor. But between all of those things I actually managed to get a significant amount of work done. That’s because I’ve learned how to sandwich writing in-between other tasks.

I think when you have a real life, you just don’t have time to sit down and devote eight hours to writing. At least I don’t. So, I sandwich.


Full disclosure: I”m not a basketball fan – so this March Madness thing hasn’t infected me yet!

BUT, it did remind me to tell you about how I use sports brackets to help me decide which project to work on next.  I think you’ll like the idea – particularly if your head is filled with ideas and you can’t decide which project needs your attention first.

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I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new video course on Evernote – Quick & Easy was designed for everyone who feels that *should* use Evernote but haven’t because it looks too clunky or not intuitive enough. My lessons focus on learning the most valuable Evernote features in a way that you’ll be up and running within 2 hours of taking the course.

The course is currently priced at $49 and will be increased in April. However, readers of my blog and newsletter can get the course for $10 by using the coupon code: nhw.  Follow this link and the discount code will be automatically applied

If you’ve read my Kindle book on Evernote, you’ll know that I use it extensively for researching and planning my books. I think Evernote is a must-use for writers.

See you in class!