taking the ekphrastic challenge

Taking the Ekphrastic Challenge

A year ago I saw the phrase “ekphrastic challenge” and had no idea what it meant. Since then I’ve entered more than a few ekphrastic challenges and hope you do too. My first was at Rattle.com. Each month an image of a piece of art is published and we, the writers, are challenged to write a poem inspired by the… Read more →

writing competitions

Ready to Compete?

The folks over at Aerogramme recently posted an article on 23 writing competitions to enter before the end of the year. If you’re interested, pop over to see the entire list. Competitions include creative non-fiction fiction short story flash fiction poetry travel writing microfiction See all the competitions. Call me crazy, but I’m going for the big poetry prize: Gregory… Read more →

cemetery challenge poetry

A Walk Amongst the Stones

A recent visit to the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (in San Diego, California) inspired this poem. Whenever I go there I’m struck with how many thousands of lives are gone – – and what stories they never had the chance to tell. A sea of white Vermont marble spreads across the closely clipped grass, spilling down to the ocean below.… Read more →

poem, poetic, writer

In Thought

I wonder. What does life look like from the plane I saw skimming the clouds? I wonder. Do old shoes find their way home? I imagine a white-haired cobbler, his bench slick with age, lovingly, ever so carefully, herding the leather uppers onto a new soul. Matchmaker. I wonder. Does a baby dream of green fields and red poppies before… Read more →

iphoneography and writing

How I Blend Imagery & Words as a Creative

Do I love photography more than writing? A question that will never be answered. I’m as much a photographer as a writer, although – alas – my photos haven’t supported me financially in the same way as words. But they do support me in planting the creative bug (seed, sparkler, energy) that I need to keep my writing chops alive… Read more →

where writer's write

First Drafts Suck. So do Seconds.

I’m on a kick to write. Every day.  I’m trying to sort out the true difference between flash fiction and flash creative non-fiction as both can hold elements of truth – – as we know it. Right now I’m working on what is probably called a short story. But I’m not sure. I don’t know where it’s going but I… Read more →

outlier formats in creative non-fiction

The Outlier Formats of Creative Non-Fiction

What Are CNF Outlier Formats? I recently had the opportunity to take a six week course, learning about (and practicing) four outlier formats in the field of Creative NonFiction (CNF). The course is taught by author Nicole Breit, whose works have been published in Hippocampus and other CNF Magazines. The four outlier formats (so-called because they fall outside the norm)… Read more →