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Writing Themes for July

Flag_of_Canada.svgCanada Day is July 1, Independence Day July 4, and Bastille Day July 14.  Canada Day celebrates the merging of three colonies into a country,  July 4 the 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence, and July 14 the beginning of the French Revolution.

Do you think that July has a little something special in the air?

If you’re in need of some dandy words to incorporate into an essay, story, or poem this month (we all need the practice), how about these:

  • fireworks
  • independence
  • freedom
  • celebration
  • spontaneous
  • revolution

I’m giving myself a challenge to write a poem using all of the words in that list. Want to join me? Come flagon . . it’ll be fun 🙂 Post yours in the comment box or email them directly to me.

By the way, if you’re ever in Philadelphia, go to the Christ Church Burial Ground. Buried there are Benjamin Franklin, Francis Hopkinson, Joseph Hewes, George Ross, and Dr. Benjamin Rush – all signers of the Declaration of Independence.


french flag


  • Bonnie Cehovet

    The fireworks started as soon as I declared my independence. For me, it was a celebration of freedom. (The revolution that followed was spontaneous, I assure you!)

    Nancy Not a poem, but I did use all of the words! 😉


  • Nancy

    Bonnie – I like your idea better than mine. So in the spirit:

    It wasn’t spontaneous and I’m not even sure it was cause for celebration (at least not in the moment), but it came anyway. Independence – far later than I expected, and yet far earlier. Fireworks didn’t go off for this particular revolution, but freedom, indeed, was the result.

  • Matthew Wallace

    Fireworks and song shall fill the night.

    A celebration of our father’s courageous plight.

    Freedom and independence was their goal.

    Neither spontaneous, nor short, it took its toll.

    The American Revolution, our first good fight.

  • Nancy

    Hey Matt,

    Good for you to do a poem! I followed Bonnie’s lead and just wrote a little story. You win the poetry prize!


  • Matthew Wallace

    Easy to win with one entry. 🙂

    Love yours and Bonnie’s entries as well. We’ll call it a three-way tie.

    Have a happy and safe 4th of July.

  • Jayne Bodell

    The poem award goes to Matthew. I tried and failed miserably at the poem, so here’s my narrative:

    The revolution was bound to happen as the colonists yearned for freedom from taxation without representation. But, their celebration was not to come easily or quickly. Thank God we won the fight because I love fireworks, spontaneous or planned. Happy Independence Day!

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