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As you know (if you’ve been around here before) I write books about writing. But over the last several days I’ve been thinking about writing a book totally outside of the Writing Genre. To be honest, I have a stack of book ideas about writing, but this one kept making its way to the top of the pile.

For want of a better explanation – it’s a travel book about the Ancient Sites in the American Southwest. That means pre-settlers, as in Anasazi and their brethern. I have picked a dozen sites that are my favorites, ranging from well-knowns like Chaco Canyon to ones you probably never heard of, like Kinishba.

My idea is that people interested in traveling to these sites can pull up my book on their smartphone, read my thoughts about the place – you know, as in why I love them; and then scroll on down to find directions, hours of operation, more of the history, etc. In truth, this book may be a bust in the Kindle store, but it keeps nudging me to write it. So I will.

I’m wondering – do you have a book like this – one that’s always skirting around the periphery of your mind? If you do, leave a comment below and tell me what you’re thinking of doing. If this is your first time commenting, I have to manually approve the post (this saves us all from spam) – but I usually get it done really quickly.


p.s. The image above is one of the ruins at Wupatki, north of Flagstaff, Arizona.


  • Nancy

    A wondrous idea – and one you certainly have experience with. Perhaps after Marzi and the Oracle???

  • Linda

    The reason the idea won’t go away is that this book needs to be written! I have been to such sites, known and those I have stumbled upon, and they are utterly captivating. Please write the book! Do you need a research assistant?

  • Nancy


    I wish I needed a research assistant! I love those sites so much – and spent all of today jotting down notes. Can’t wait to dig in.
    Thank you for your comment!

  • Linda

    Well that’s too bad about the research assistant gig. There is a personal and private location just outside of Gallup I would love to revisit and show to you! That part of the country is permeated with such an awesome presence one just wishes to share it.
    I truly look forward to reading the book.

  • xây d?ng và s?a ch?a nhà

    I really want to write about what I went through , about my own life as a child , about the adventures just to chase a wing hard life and the loss and I look out the outside world … much but apparently I have not prepared enough to write . Wish you success .

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