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[Writer’s Life] My Morning Routine

Readers have told me they love hearing about different author routines so here’s mine.

I’m usually up by 6, sometimes 5. I flip on the coffee pot, which I prepped the night before. I get dressed while two cups of my absolute favorite blend: New Mexico Pinon is brewing. Next, I plop down with cup #1 and skim through emails on my iPad. Then I start curating articles for my two Flipboard magazines my Facebook Writer’s Life page, and three Twitter accounts (links below).

Once I’m done curating I spend about 15 minutes catching up on the news (still on my iPad) and answering any urgent emails. Since I live on the West Coast and deal with clients who are three hours ahead of me in the East, I often get have-to emails early in my morning.I also check my calendar because there are days I go blank on the fact that I have a meeting later that day!

After curating, breakfast. I’m such a creature of habit. Non-fat plain Greek yogurt with a little raw oatmeal thrown in, about a 1/4 cup of almond milk, and a cup of frozen dark cherries. On the off-yogurt days, I have oatmeal with walnuts, sometimes apple slices, and almond milk. I finish breakfast with my second (and last) cup of coffee.

Then, to the desk to work on whatever project is at the top of my list.

writers need cats

No, these aren’t my cats. But I thought they were too cute to not include here!

Before you go, please leave a comment – how does your day start?

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