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How a Cow and a Wildflower Saved my Writing – Kicking Writer’s Block

kick writer's block

All writers get stuck.Call it writer’s block, or call it losing a plot or outline. For me it was slogging through the opening paragraphs of an article I was writing for Astronomy Magazine. No matter how I tried coming up with a slam-bang opening paragraph, everything I wrote stunk. I just couldn’t get my teeth into the heart of the article.

In desperation, I got out photos I had taken during the assignment (to the Very Large Array in New Mexico) and there, staring me in the face, was the answer to my stuck-ness: A cow and a wildflower. Duh. I had forgotten to take my own advice and use visual imagery to add magic to my words. From then on, I’ve been a visual writer and would like to introduce you to my book, Vanquish Writer’s Block! (once upon a time titled The Visual Writer).

Vanquish Writer’s Block! is all about using imagery – whether you write fiction or non-fiction –  to 1) get out of a rut; 2) add flavor to your writing; 3) kick your sensory-based writing into high gear; 4) simply, make you a better writer. You can grab a copy at Amazon (this link), or click the link below to pick it up at a bunch of other online stores.

If you don’t think being a visual writer is important – listen to bestselling author Joanna Penn interview me on this very topic.

Want to get out of YOUR rut? Pick up a copy today at Nook, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, 24 Symbols, or Inktera. 

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