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[This Week] Make a Decision Today About Your Writing Goals

Several years ago I had the great fortune to meet two of the dozen men who walked on the moon: Edgar Mitchell and James Irwin. You couldn’t find two men who were more unlike than those two, save their shared drive and determination.

After their Apollo missions, Mitchell went on to become involved in ESP  and the paranormal while Irwin spent the rest of his life searching for the Ark. I have books signed by both men, which I cherish. But it was Irwin’s inscription to me that had the most impact.  “Nancy”, it said, “Decisions Determine Direction”.

I’ve thought of that phrase often over the years, realizing that each decision I make has a direct bearing on my future. If I decide to write a travel book about San Diego, for example, that will propel me in a specific research direction. My decision will craft my actions.

My question for you today is this: What decision will you make regarding your writing goals? If you decide that writing and indie-publishing a non-fiction book is your goal, what steps (direction) does that require you take?

I love Monday mornings for pondering these big decisions – and ask you what decision you’re going to make about your writing goals today.  And while you’re here, why not leave a comment about your direction?  (thank you!)


  • Frances

    Thanks Nancy – Love that inscription.
    My writing goal is to self-publish my novel before the end of the year unless Kindle Press picks it up.
    It is currently in the Kindle Scout campaign with only four days to go.
    Otherwise, I have three others sitting around 60 thousand words at various stages of cooking and another one waking me up every morning, chatting away in my head.

  • Nancy

    Hi Frances,

    Thanks for your comment. And congrats on your novel! That’s so exciting to hear. Please keep us informed about the Kindle Press issue. Wow! You have a lot on your plate, don’t you 🙂

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