The Value of a Niche

Although I’ve written about topics ranging from Elvis to aliens, my basic niche is genealogy. My book the Unofficial Guide to Ancestry.com is currently ranking at a little over 5,000 in all of Amazon books and is #1 in Genealogy. Other than great sales, is there an advantage of being well-known in your niche?

Absolutely. Here’s why – and this is coming from an author (me) who loves writing about every topic under the sun – if  you specialize and are known for a specific genre you’ll have (unexpected) opportunities.

  • I was invited to be a speaker at a genre-specific event in Santa Barbara, California. All expenses paid plus I can sell my books.
  • I’m invited to give local courses on genealogy as a paid speaker.
  • I’ve been asked to do family research for an hourly fee.
  • And most recently I’ve been approached by a software company to write a genealogy-specific companion book.

Why have these opportunities come to me? Because I’m well-known in my field – thanks to my many books and magazine articles.

What If You’re a Generalist?

I can hear you now. “But I like writing about a lot of things”.  So do I. But here’s the deal.

Write about all the things you want, but be sure to choose ONE of those things that you nail. And, even if you write fiction and non-fiction, write your novel around the same topic that’s your main niche. This will definitely help drive your non-fiction readers over to your fiction.

As I’m sure you know, these days it’s imperative to wear many hats and one of them is the marketer. I’m not talking about social media or blogging even. But I am talking about thinking about how you want your writing business to grow and what you ca do to – at least – not trip yourself up.

What do you think about this? Are you a niche writer or a generalist? Leave a comment below – let’s talk.

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