writers and their goals

The Season of Your Life

writers and their goals

I was listening to a podcast about goals earlier in the week. One of the points made was that when we make goals we need to take into account “the season of our life”. That means wanting to get into the Olympics as a downhill skier aren’t realistic if, at age 45, you just took up the sport. As writers, age isn’t a defining factor . . . but at each age we do have certain restrictions.

A 32-year-old with a spouse and kids is going to have time restrictions that a retired 70-year-old doesn’t have. And, while the retired 70-year-old probably has an active mind and imagination, the body doesn’t have the stamina of the 32-year-old. The podcast’s underlying message was: Create goals that fit well with your season of life.

Although I’m far from the 32-year-old, much closer to the 70, I’ve been blessed with a high level of energy and stamina. For me, setting goals that fit well with the season of my life is more about finding balance than working like a whirlwind – always producing at breakneck speed. My balance comes in immersing myself in other creative pursuits that lie outside my main work:

  • a little poetry (I’m taking a class in a couple of weeks)
  • iPhonography
  • herb gardening
  • travel (not as much as I’d like)
  • exploring art forms

As you set about setting goals for the second half of 2015, I’d really like to hear about your season of life and how it impacts your own goals – whether about writing or life. Thank you for leaving a comment below. (And yes, I read and respond to every comment).

*Addendum:  This is not to imply that the seasons of life are based on age, because they aren’t. Rather, they have more to do with what’s happening in your life at any given time. You may have two jobs and spend evenings at the gym; this makes meeting other goals more difficult, purely from a time-stance.


  • Jayne Bodell

    In my mid fifties, my goal is a new career. Better late than never, right? Tired of corporate America and working for someone else, I hope to reach that editor/writer goal by the end of 2015.

    My hat is off to you Nancy! I don’t know how you remain so productive, but keep it up.

  • Nancy

    Jayne, I think you’re at a perfect place. You have the experience to know what you want and the savvy to recognize potential pitfalls. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you meet your goal.

    And, as I said, I’ve been blessed with a high level of stamina – and honestly, I can’t stand the thought of all these ideas buzzing around in my brain and not getting them out there!

  • Bonnie Cehovet

    Nancy –

    I look at this a bit differently. I think that goals should be appropriate to where we are in life, and where we realistically want to be in the future.


  • Nancy

    Hi Bonnie,

    Like productivity hacks, I think we all have stumbled onto the ones that work for us.I think we’re both seeing the same coin – just looking from different sides 🙂

  • Jeff Ezell

    I’m always learning something from you, Nancy. I now know that iPhoneography is the art of creating photos with an Apple iPhone.

    I think of myself as a thirty something energy wise, but when I awake my body tells me I’m closer to my 73 1/2 with a few aches. One of my goals is to win a gold medal in senior level Pickleball at age 100. I now play about 3 hrs/day 5 days/wk.

    I’m learning to write better every day. Just starting an adult coloring book creation project that’s forcing me to learn many new things. Gotta keep the brain exercised too.

    2015 plans are to publish my first adult coloring book, three more fiction WIPs short stories and my novel.

    And relearn how to get a good nights sleep.

    Best to all…Jeff Ezell

  • Nancy

    You’re amazing! I had to go Google pickle ball because I wasn’t sure what it was. Interestingly it was invented up in Jessica Macbeth’s part of the world (she’s in this group) and I see it’s made its way down to you in Texas. Jeff, your projects sound wonderful and I’m about 90% sure I’m going to take the coloring book coursetoo, although it scares me a little to put one more thing on my desk. Will send you a Facebook text message once I get moving a little faster this morning and ask you what you think of the class. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated

  • Nancy

    Bonnie, isn’t it interesting that each of us, over time, finds the hacks and the techniques that really work for us? I think a lot of people don’t understand then it takes some trial and error to tweak any system to make it work for an individual.

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