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The 15-Minute Writer: The Secret to My Productivity

15 min

At last! I’ve finally created a course that shows how I manage to be so productive. And it’s NOT about time management. The 15-Minute Writer was created to show you how you can be a prolific writer, even if you only have 15 minutes at a time to work on your book, blog post, or any other writing-related task.

The course costs $99 and take you only  a little more than 60 minutes to watch (it’s video) and at the end of that hour you should have a stockpile of ideas to use during tiny bits of free time.

Here’s where to find the online course: The 15-Minute Writer

Let me know how you like the course – please leave a review if it works for you. And definitely tell me how you decided to use your tiny bits of free time!

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