taking the ekphrastic challenge

Taking the Ekphrastic Challenge


A year ago I saw the phrase “ekphrastic challenge” and had no idea what it meant. Since then I’ve entered more than a few ekphrastic challenges and hope you do too.

My first was at Rattle.com. Each month an image of a piece of art is published and we, the writers, are challenged to write a poem inspired by the art.  Sometimes the art is a photo, other times a painting or even a statue.

I love doing these challenges because it pushes me out of my comfort zone; doing the challenge is a way of writing outside my normal (non-fiction) genre. Now, I write poetry . . . specifically poetry inspired by art. Better yet, beyond the challenges, I write poetry now more than ever.

Want to hone your skills? Try an ekphrastic challenge – either one you find online or one you find in your everyday life.

By the way, if you’re reading this prior to April 15, 2018, you may want to try this ekphrastic challenge too.

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