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Simple Marketing Strategies for Authors

In my book, Sell More Books, I write about 55 different (free) marketing approaches for writers of all personalities. For example, the suggestions for the Rock Star type of author are far different than the Emily Dickinson.  Here are five of the book’s most simple strategies for marketing your book or your blog.

  1.  Set up, polish and publish your Author Profile on Amazon.  When a potential reader is viewing your books they have the option to click on your Author Profile page. This is like having a free storefront ad in one of the biggest retail shops on the planet. In addition to writing your bio, you can also link in your Twitter feed, add images, videos, events, and other multimedia. This is easy to do and it is a must do.
  2. book trailer. YouTube can be used effectively for book marketing, especially if you’re drawn to this particular medium. It’s easy to create a slideshow then upload it to YouTube as a book trailer. End the trailer with a link to your website or where readers can purchase your books.
  3. Write blog posts based on the findings of your Google Analytics. If you don’t have Analytics on your blog, get it. If you use WordPress there are several plugins to help you gather analytics. Look through your analytics report to see which of your blog posts are getting the most interest. Once you find the top 2 or 3, write more posts on the same or a very similar topic. Don’t forget, at the end of the post, to direct readers to your original post on the topic.
  4. Reach out to your personal network and ask them to do a tweet or a Facebook post that sends people to your book or blog. Most of us have family and friends who are happy to help with your marketing efforts. You can even craft a few tweets or FB posts for them so all they have to do is cut and paste. Make it easy for them to help you.
  5. Start your own free digital magazine on Flipboard. Flipboard is a free app for both iOS and Android. In brief, it allows you to curate interesting articles for people who are interested in your book’s topic. Flipboard can now also be read on the web via a browser. If you have Flipboard on a digital device, check out my magazine: Writer’s Life. As I write this, my magazine has more than 9,000 viewers. My analytics show that nearly 12% of my website visitors come from Flipboard. If you don’t have Flipboard on a device you can view it on the web with this link.

For a bonus – Michelle Campbell-Scott and I co-authored Make Your Book Work Harder – How to Use Multiple Platforms to Make More Money. It’s free on Amazon. Pick it up for even more ideas.

Thanks for leaving a comment about the marketing strategies you think work best.

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