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Now’s Your Chance to Write a Novel

Write a novel todayI write non-fiction books and articles. But do I want to write a novel (or more than one)?  Yes!

I’ve been following Joanna Penn for a long time (never miss her podcasts) and was thrilled when she released her brand new course How to Write a Novel. I’ve signed up for the course and am almost finished with Module 1 (of 5) and actually feel pretty confident that I can do this.

If you’ve been looking for that “PERFECT” course for novel writing, this is it. I’ve read a ton of books about writing but honestly, getting the info from someone like Joanna who has written so many books is so much better. That’s because I KNOW for certain, she knows what she’s talking about. If you want to write a novel too, I encourage you to go take the class. Let’s compare notes and cheer one another on.

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