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San Diego Coloring BookWhat started as a lark turned into a full-fledged project – the San Diego Coloring Book.

As a long-time San Diego resident and photographer, I’ve been shooting SD for years. It occurred to me one day in the spring that I had never seen a San Diego coloring book, although our city is visited by zillions of people every year. So, I decided to see what I could create.

I found a vector-guy on odesk and had him convert images to coloring book pix, then contacted a local distributor to work out a deal for getting the book out to the city’s many tourist sites. And what do you know? It actually all came together and the book was released a few days ago.

I have ideas for other projects like this, but right now am under the gun for finishing my Unofficial Guide to Workbook, completing a 2,000-word article and creating four videos for a client. So my coloring book projects have to take a back burner.

I just want to say – and then I’ll step down from the soapbox – if you want to make $$ as a freelance writer, don’t be afraid to create your own projects and your path.


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