How to Write and Sell Non-Fiction Books

How to write and sell non-fiction booksStart and Finish the Book You Were Born to Write . . .Newly updated for 2016, How to Write and Sell Non-Fiction Books is an intuitive, invaluable, and inspirational guide to writing with over 125 five-star Amazon reviews!

Author Nancy Hendrickson knows non-fiction. After all, she’s written 30 books on a variety of topics as well as hundreds of magazine articles. Using her immense experience, follow Nancy’s five-step blueprint to quickly write your own non-fiction book, publish it, and immediately begin selling it on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Your book gave me inspiration because it provided such a clear and practical structure. The fact that you presented a definitely proven path to completion – and then reinforced the importance of following the steps systematically made all the difference. This structure and systematic approach is all stuff we already know – or actually already think we know. But most of us – well, me at least – are unable to get it done all the way to the finish, for a host of reasons. I realized when I finished and actually saw my book on Amazon – in a manner I liked – that without that structure I would’ve undoubtedly, gotten sidetracked at several points, and either given up officially, or passively by continually putting it on hold until it died of neglect.” Udey Johnson, author of The Montreal Plateau

In the latest edition of this writer’s cornucopia, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to go indie
  • How to write up to 2,000 words per hour
  • What strategies to follow to go from outline to published in just 72 hours
  • Which free, high-value marketing strategies work the best
  • How to use a wide variety of tools for writing, publishing, and promotion

Write (and Publish) Your First Non-Fiction Book was originally published as How to Write For Kindle. Featuring Nancy’s five-step blueprint for quickly outlining, researching, writing, polishing, and publishing in as little as 72 hours, readers called the no-nonsense book a direct, comprehensive, much-needed guide for self-publishing.

Since its first publication, Nancy has gone above and beyond to supplement the book with sections on the latest topics, including:

  • Kindle Unlimited
  • Kindle Pre-Orders
  • Marketing Podcasts
  • Email Autoresponder Sequences
  • Writing Killer Book Descriptions
  • The Best Keywords For Your Niche
  • Real-Life Marketing Case Studies
  • And Much, Much More!

The Kindle platform has turned the publishing world upside down, and now you can join other authors to share your wealth of knowledge with the entire world. You get the pleasure and pride of being a published author while keeping a majority of every sale you make!

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