Vanquish Writer’s Block

writer's block

We humans are hard-wired to be visual. That’s why cute cat pix and videos are so much more popular than words. Vanquish Writer’s Block shows you how to tap into your own hard-wiring and use images to up your writing game and kick writer’s block to the curb.

Let’s face it. Some authors write so beautifully with such vivid description that it makes you question your own abilities. You want to write compelling books, but sometimes it feels like you got the short end of the creativity stick. What if you could tap into an unknown source of writing eloquence that’s present in every human mind? What if one book could give you the tools you need to write descriptions that jump right off the page?

What many struggling writers forget is that humans are visual creatures. Because “seeing” is a more natural way to express, we’re drawn to imagery for inspiration. Vanquish Writer’s Block allows you to tap into the power of photos to give you a new perspective and renewed creative energy.

Listen to bestselling author J.F. Penn interview Nancy about being a visual writer.

Attacking Creativity From the Side

Albert Einstein once said, “I live my daydreams in music.” He and other famous creatives often turned to seemingly unrelated creative endeavors to help them when they were stuck. He called this the “combinatory play” of the mind. Using Einstein’s methodology, author Nancy Hendrickson provides you with impressive imagery to use as a creative function in your writing. By stepping outside of words and using imagery and other creative outlets, you’ll add depth, color, and vibrancy to your writing.

Through the use of Vanquish Writer’s Block, your jealousy of “beautiful writing” will fade as you create your own rich tapestry of words. Soon enough, you’ll be the author other writers are envious of. Let Nancy show you the way.

Vanquish Writer’s Block is a new approach to get you out of your writing funk and into a creative flow state. Nancy’s latest book is quirky, stimulating, thought-provoking, and unconventional. Use it to fill your head with incredible ideas.

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