Nancy Hendrickson’s books for writers

Vanquish Writer’s Block – a must-read for any writer who’s ever been stuck and wants an easy way out.

How to Write and Sell Non-Fiction Books – seriously, I’ve used this five-step formula to write 30 books. Buy it, read it, use it!

Evernote for Writing and Research – maybe you never lose notes but since I do, Evernote’s the free online system for me

WordPress Websites – the non-geeky approach to getting your WordPress site up, running and customized

The Creative Writer – 60 days of words and pictures word prompts. We all need them.

Feathers That Perch in the Soul – ok, this one is just because I wanted to get my poetry and photos out of the desk and into the world

Are you wondering where the other 24 books are that I’ve written? I decided to just include the writerly ones here. If you’re interested in U.S. history, genealogy, astronomy, and some more technology stuff, you’ll find most of it on Amazon.