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My Top 5 iOS Apps and Why None of them Have to Do With Writing

Yes, you read the headline correctly.My top iOS apps have nothing to do with the craft of writing; in other words, you won’t find a word processing tool here.  But they have everything to do with running a writing business. These are the five apps that have made my writing (business) life easier. I use them every day, many times a day.
1. Flipboard: Not only do I use Flipboard to keep up on the news, it’s my primary source for curating my own Flipboard magazines, my Facebook page and Twitter accounts. Nope, couldn’t do without it.

2.  Feedly: My secondary source of curated material. This free app allows you to set up topics and it pulls in articles for each topic. You don’t have to use it for curating – just use it to find great articles on topics of interest.

3.  Word Swag: I love making those cool poster-y things (like this one). WordSwag does it all and makes it easy.


4.  Pushbullet: I love this app. It’s my primary tool for uploading photos from my iPhone to my PC. It has made getting photos off of my phone and into my computer so easy – I use it all the time. I love placing photos in my blog posts or Facebook – Pushbullet is my #1 choice.

5.  BlogPad Pro: There are many apps for posting remotely to your WordPress site. I’ve tried most of them and this one meets my needs, primarily because of the ease of adding images into my posts. This is my go-to WordPress app for blogging when I’m on the road.

Do you have an app you can’t do without? Leave a comment, my friend!

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