March Madness for Writers


Full disclosure: I”m not a basketball fan – so this March Madness thing hasn’t infected me yet!

BUT, it did remind me to tell you about how I use sports brackets to help me decide which project to work on next.  I think you’ll like the idea – particularly if your head is filled with ideas and you can’t decide which project needs your attention first.

All you’ll need for this technique is a blank bracket template or a bracket app – or pen and paper. You can download blanks here. Fill in all of your ideas, then pit them against one another until you reach the final “winner”. I use a lot of variables when deciding which idea wins in its bracket; sometimes it’s all about whether I perceive the topic is one that will sell; other times the winner may be a topic about which I feel passionate. 

The image up top is a sample I created for this blog post, just to give you an idea of how to become a March Madness Writer.

What do you think? Does this idea warrant a trip to the winner’s circle?

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