Nancy Hendrickson Site Audit

Have I Made Mistakes? Check.

I used to write a lot for a history magazine. In fact, pay from the magazine and the website constituted the bulk of my income at the time. One assignment was to write about an old-fashioned country store. I did the research, wrote the article, it was published. Done.

But then  a reader contacted the magazine, telling them that I  had ascribed a quote to the wrong poet. And I had.

The mistake didn’t change my relationship with the editor, but it did change my thoughts about my infallability as a fact-checking author. I was embarrassed . . . mortified, really. And there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. Except do better next time.

Why am I telling you the story?  Because I want you to know that no matter how successful you are, or how many articles or books you’ve written, you’ll still make mistakes.  Don’t let them stop you from writing.

What’s one whooper of a mistake you’ve made?

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