Challenge 85 for writers

Haiku Time – #challenge85

Challenge 85 for writers

Using this image as inspiration, write a haiku. Don’t remember the haiku format? It’s 17 syllables in total, 3 lines, 5/7/5. (5 syllables for line 1, 7 syllables for line 2, 5 syllables for line 3). Use the hashtag #challenge85 on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so I can track you down and add your gem to this post later in the week. Ready, set, GO!

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And we have two haiku-ists 🙂

Jessica Macbeth

spring in a bucket
a bicycle made from sky
yellow flowers bloom

Carol Cooper-Taylor

Plants entwined hang on
The cycle of life goes on
What road are we on

and of course I had to give it a go

rusting in the shade
garlands of green hide the pale
ride home, love, ride home


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