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Great New Podcast for Writers

My friend Steve Scott, author of more than 40 books, just launched a new podcast for writers who are self publishing podcastinterested in self-publishing. Each episode is a gem – short, to-the-point, and totally BS-free. Questions range from using pen names to building an author platform – and almost everything you can think of in between.

Follow the information below to subscribe (free) to the podcast and to submit your own questions.

Here are a three ways to get started with this podcast:

#1. Check Out SPQ on iTunes

SPQ is live on iTunes with 12 episodes ready to go.  Here’s the direct link to the content:


If you like the content, then please take a minute to do the following:

  • Subscribe to the show (the button is right under the SPQ graphic.)
  • Rate the show (you can find the “Click to rate” option in the “Ratings and Review” tab.)
  • Write a review (even a sentence or two would really help.)
The *subscribe* part is most important because you’ll automatically get new episodes on a daily basis.

#2. Read the Show Notes

Each episode comes with show notes of the content and links to any resources that are mentioned.

Here’s the link to the companion site:


You’ll probably notice that the site VERY basic.  This was intentional because I decided to launch the podcast “MVP style” (Minimal Viable Product) and get feedback from YOU before adding new elements.

#3. Leave Your Question

If you haven’t asked a question, then now is the perfect time to do so.  Simply go to this link and leave your question:



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