Free Book: Digital Freedom – Carve Out a (great) Living Online

Free book digital freedom

On September 16, 2016, Matt Stone and Hung Pham are releasing a new book, Digital Freedom – How Millions are Carving Out a Dependable Living Online. If you get over to their site now you can reserve a free copy and then download on the 16th.

The book isn’t just about making a living writing; it’s more about the many, many things you can do to create an online income – – with the goal of leaving the employment world and entering a career of your own making and your own creation. Seriously, I read inspiration stuff all the time – and if this book doesn’t inspire you to at least THINK about other ways of generating income, then I’m not sure what would.

Go over there NOW and sign up to reserve your copy, then be sure to download on the 16th. Am really curious what route you’re going to choose.


  • Michelle Wilson

    Is the offer that Nancy Hendrickson mentioned re: Free Book; Digital Freedom, still available?

    By the way Nancy, how are you and what are you up to these days??

    I’m finally seriously writing my 1st book, “HOW I LOST 100+ POUNDS FROM A WHEELCHAIR (and you can too)!

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