[Challenge] Give Moby Dick a New First Line – Win a Prize

Herman_Melville*Contest ends Sunday, December 14 at midnight PST. Enter here or on my Facebook page.

Herman Melville, an American novelist, is best known for his classic tale Moby Dick, the hunt for the great white whale. The story is one of revenge, loss, redemption, and rebirth. If you’ve never read it, you can pick up a free copy for your Kindle on Amazon.

The Challenge

The first line of Moby Dick – Call me Ishmael – is iconic. Your challenge – should you choose to accept it – is to rewrite a new first line for the novel. Your first line should encompasses the brevity, mystery, and portent of the story that’s to come.

Good luck and leave your new first line in the comment box below. I’ll also be posting this on my Facebook page, so you can enter there if you prefer. The best replacement line will win a $10 Amazon gift certificate. (Buy yourself a Christmas present!)

I might add that Ishmael of the Bible was thrown out into the desert, while Ishmael of the book was thrown out into the sea; both were miraculously saved; this being one of the reasons his name portends something that’s going to happen. I’m assuming that 1851 readers probably knew far more about the Bible Ishmael than us present-day folks.

My wildly poor attempt: “I wish I could say we all survived.”


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