[Challenge] 140 Character Story

Following the lead from the Creative Nonfiction magazine, create a story in a single tweet of 140 follow me @iWriteiCoachcharacters. Enter your story in the comments section or over on my Facebook page.

To give you a little inspiration, here are a couple of submissions from the Creative Nonfiction magazine contest. (Contestants had to use the #cnftweet hashtag).

A splatter of red wine mingles on the paper towel with the darker red of her blood. She says not to worry but the mood has changed (MsScienceLady)

Almost 12, she asks about my choices. I hedge. There’s no saying, “You were a mistake.” (SarahHackley)

Now this is a challenge!


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  • Mac Brophy

    When she didn’t answer the phone I feared the worst. As it turned out, my premonition of disaster was even more gut-wrenching than I thought

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