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Brainstorming Revisited

If you read my earlier post on brainstorming an article by using pen and paper or mind-mappingstrategic-consulting-hendrickson software, you’ll know what a fan I am of doing a brain-dump just to get ideas out of my head and onto paper in a (somewhat) organized fashion. I prefer the pen and paper method but I also have the Simple Mind app on my phone, which I tend to use while waiting for an appointment or when I walk to my local coffeehouse for a morning brew and think.

This morning I was working on my new Udemy course on how to learn Evernote FAST! and was hitting the wall in terms of deciding what should go into the class and what would fall outside the definition of FAST! Evernote has such a depth of features that it’s a challenge to decide which of them are at the top level of quick learning and which take more time.

I pulled out my yellow legal pad and just started scratching out features and then asking myself which ones fit into the FAST! bucket. This exercise was a great help to me and allowed me to delete a lot of stuff that an Evernote beginner simply wouldn’t be interested in. My lesson around all this is to make sure that whatever material I add to a Udemy course OR to a book really fits the promise of my title and sub-title . . . and that I don’t go wandering off into the wild blue.

What’s your experience with mind-mapping? Do you use pen and paper or are you a software person?

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