iphoneography and writing
On Writing

How I Blend Imagery & Words as a Creative


Do I love photography more than writing? A question that will never be answered.

I’m as much a photographer as a writer, although – alas – my photos haven’t supported me financially in the same way as words.

But they do support me in planting the creative bug (seed, sparkler, energy) that I need to keep my writing chops alive and well.

Take this photo for example. After breakfasting with my sis at a local diner, we walked across the street to the parking lot when this image caught my eye. A reedy-grassy plant throwing a deep shadow against the wooden fence. Facing sunny East, the plant was perfectly positioned to catch its own shadow.

So what?

Will this picture make me a better writer? Don’t know, don’t care.

What I do know is that the image launched *something* in my creative brain that wants – no, needs – to be written. Today, it’s about shadows. My shadow, your shadow, the shadow of our words. Today, it’s about delving into the blackness against the rough wood and seeing what we can touch without a splinter.

What does this say to you?

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