[Writer’s Life] Finding Inspiration

inspiration for writers 1People often ask “where do you find your ideas?”

Well, they’re everywhere.

  • the girl sitting on the steps, smoking, looking dejected
  • the guy skateboarding down the middle of the street
  • the cat on the roof next door
  • the song that won’t leave your head
  • the whiff of rosemary
  • the taste of risotto
  • the neighbor’s argument
  • the woman who crowds you in the grocery line
  • the age spots on her hands
  • a hookup
  • the bald spot he tries to hide
  • the dog who drags the owner
  • the bank robbery headline
  • the horror show on Netflix
  • the short story by Poe
  • your friend’s grief
  • an unexpected gift
  • the smile
  • the rose petals
  • a first date
  • the doctor’s appointment
  • the waiting room

Go. Write.


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