Delphinium blooming again. Happy #writerslife

I didn’t realize how critical it was for my creativity and general well-being to be able to be outside in Nature.

On AprilĀ 1, 2013, I moved from an apartment that I never liked into a sweet tiny cottage. I now have a patio on the east side, beyond double French doors, and another on the north side, both of which I can see from my desk.

When I first moved, I went batty planting containers and containers of flowers, herbs and vegetables. Just yesterday I harvested the first of my cherry tomatoes and am in the process of picking sage that I’ll dry and burn in cleansing rituals.

The photo is of my Delphinium. Not long after I planted it we had a big rain (unusual for us) and it broke the Delphinium totally down. Happily, it has now recovered and as I write this I can see it out my window. This definitely makes for a happy #writerslife.

What brings joy to your life? What inspires your creativity?

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