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Write What You Love? Yes or No?

write what you love


The majority of the magazine articles and web content I used to write weren’t about topics I love. In fact, most were on topics that I had no hand in choosing. As a fulltime freelance writer, this was my business model and it worked just fine.

But now, 29 books and countless articles later, I’m at a place in my life – and my business – that I’m being challenged to take a hard look at the work I produce. Do I want to wrap up my career writing what I’ve always written? Or do I want to go out on a very skinny limb and try something totally new? I opt for the latter.

Starting September 2 (coincidentally, my birthday) I’m jumping feet-first into a novella that’s been whirling around my mind for a couple of years. My goal is to tweet my progress daily, so please hold my feet to the fire on this one. Be looking for #nancywritesanovella. I’m @nhendrickson1 over on Twitter.

But returning to the question of writing what we love. I can honestly say that when I wrote magazine articles for which I had a passion, they were some of the best work I ever produced. However, I have no idea if I’ll love writing fiction. Honestly, I could reach September 7 or 8, and say “this is for the birds”.

Stay tuned.


  • Starlene

    Nancy, you (specifically the book you wrote on writing non-fiction) inspired me to write my e-book Baking with Coconut Flour. It has been very successful. I have four fiction novels (novellas?) swirling around in my head and wish I had more time for them. I love that yours is set in Arizona, that’s where I’m from. I bought the Evernote e-book but haven’t had a chance to read it or put it to use! Good luck with the fiction and I look forward to reading it. How many words are you shooting for since it’s a novella? Thanks.

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