Where’s How to Write for Kindle?

I decided my Kindle book – How to Write for Kindle – was getting tired of hanging out in San Diego. So, I opened the door and let the wind take him into the cosmos. First stop? Tombstone, Arizona – the town too tough to die.  Where do you think this wayward book will end up next? Leave your comments below and win a special prize if you guess the next destination!  (Hint: I’m pretty sure I saw the book traveling far East – trying out his new-found independence!)

how to write for kindle

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One thought on “Where’s How to Write for Kindle?

  1. That is funny! I take my ebooks (which includes yours) to various locales to “read them in a different state of mind.” The traveling lawn gnome that is your book has graced my Kindle in many places since my day-job is a Semi-Truck driver. Cheers!

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