On Writing

Where Will Your Writing Passion Lead?

I sell a lengthy essay (a bit more than 5,000 words) on Kindle for $0.99 called How the California Gold Rush Changed the gold rush smallFace of America.  I converted the book to audio and it’s also available on Amazon for $6.95. Sales have been good – which makes me happy as the history of the American frontier is truly a passion for me.

But that’s not what I wanted to write about.

I received an email about a month ago from an historic site in Long Beach, CA, called Rancho Los Cerritos. It’s an historic site that at one time contained 27,000 acres. Someone there had seen my Gold Rush essay and invited me to be a speaker for their lecture series. Of course I accepted.  I’ll be talking for about an hour or so with a Q/A afterwords – am already preparing some handouts and images I want to take with me.

The reason I’m sharing this is – 1) I’m trying to break out of my Hermit shell a bit and share more of my professional and personal writing life; and 2) I wanted you to know that writing about something you really love can open up avenues you never knew existed.

Getting this invitation has inspired me to put together a few topics and pitch them out to historical and genealogical societies in the west. Traveling to my favorite places and talking about my favorite topics – now THAT’S the life!

What’s your passion – what do you really love writing about? And how can you expand that into doing more with your passion than just writing about it?

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