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Thank you to the more than 10,000 students enrolled in my courses

Each course has the most organized, up-to-date information available. Courses are priced at $50 each and designed specifically for non-fiction writers.

If you’re wondering if I have the chops to teach these courses . . . I’ve been a fulltime freelancer for 20+ years and have written 30 books and hundreds of magazine articles. I have the chops.

The 15-Minute Writer

15 minIf you hate writing, then this course will make a convert out of you. The lessons gears towards the idea that writing can be fun, relaxing and therapeutic. Nancy is a great teacher. Her explanations are clear and simple. This is one of the best writing courses on Udemy.” Carl Dexter, Student.
Do you know how I’ve found the time to write 30 books, hundreds of magazine articles, develop 11 online courses, create more than a half-dozen commercial webinars, and consistently increase my income? By finding small chunks of free time that I sandwich between real-life “have-to’s”. This class teaches you how to do the same.
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Evernote – Quick & Easy

Adult man using his tablet computer at countryside. Different icYou’ve got a life – and no time to learn the intricacies of yet another online program!  The secret to Evernote is using only the features you need. (Like I do). You work, play, travel, create, cook, plan, and relax – and don’t have time to learn every little feature that Evernote offers. In fact, if you’re like most people, you’ve probably downloaded a version of Evernote onto your computer or phone, checked it out and then uninstalled it because it didn’t look easy enough. Who has time to learn all that stuff? Not me.

At the end of the course you’ll be able to create your Evernote account, create notebooks and notes, and start clipping online resources in less than 2 hours. Enroll here.

This was the course I didn’t know that I needed. I have used the evernote app briefly in the past but Nancy’s course will change the way that I use it and the way that I approach my work. I really appreciate her concise, clear, conversational presentation style. The class is well organized, easy to follow, and very practical. I would definitely recommend. Mary Allison Brown

Freelance Writing – Make Money Moonlighting

Business man on the beach


Like writing and need to make a few hundred extra bucks? Want to make money online? Learn how by becoming a Sidehustle (Moonlighting) Writer. Whether you’re creating a book for Kindle or sidehustling blogging gigs, there’s never been a better time to pull in extra money writing than right now. Enroll here.

“Nancy shares a wealth of information in this course on how to begin earning money on the side with your writing skills, whether through Kindle publishing or freelancing.” Nick Loper of Sidehustle Nation.

“Nancy’s information was complete and accurate. Her lectures on writing book descriptions, with her advanced use of Google and Amazon auto-fills was a great idea, well worth the cost of this course alone. The same is true of her hectare on the use of Amazon Author Central.” Ron Leach

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