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Now’s Your Chance to Write a Novel

I write non-fiction books and articles. But do I want to write a novel (or more than one)? ¬†Yes! I’ve been following Joanna Penn for a long time (never miss her podcasts) and was thrilled when she released her brand new course How to Write a Novel. I’ve signed up for the course and am almost finished with Module 1… Read more →

#NaNoWriMo or #NancyNoNo?

I’ve been reading lots of posts this past week about gearing up for #nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). In case you’re never heard of it, #nanowrimo challenges writers to put their butt in a chair and write a 50,000 word novel over the course of 30 days. That’s about 1666 words a day, just in case you were wondering. (A… Read more →