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cemetery challenge poetry

A Walk Amongst the Stones

A recent visit to the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (in San Diego, California) inspired this poem. Whenever I go there I’m struck with how many thousands of lives are gone – – and what stories they never had the chance to tell. A sea of white Vermont marble spreads across the closely clipped grass, spilling down to the ocean below.… Read more →

What short story does this photo make you want to write?

How to find a whopper of a story

Want an idea for a great story?  Read on . . . I’m an avid iphoneographer and I love driving around town taking shots. This one was taken with the iPhone 6S and the Hipstamatic app. (Sergio Lens, Maximus LXIX film). It’s a picture of the Mission San Diego de Alcala, the first of the California missions. Looking at the picture,… Read more →

Is this too personal to share?

If you were around in the 70s, you may remember the Sangria craze. Fruit, red wine, spritzer . . . you know, every  Mexican joint served it – usually in a pitcher with a bunch of fruit in the bottom. Well, that craze faded until recently – or at least it did for me. One night my pal Fred and… Read more →

Welcome. My name is Nancy Hendrickson and I like to shuffle words around until they make sense. Sometimes I succeed. I publish a newsletter, which is where you’ll find content not available on the site. I write about writing, photography, travel, history . . . all of the things that make up a creative life.  Join me. Read more →

Tamale in banana leaf. Yummy

Pre-birthday lunch with Eva from Eva Luna Group. We discussed my author coaching plans and how so many people never accomplish their heart’s desire of writing a book. BTW, lunch was at El Comal in San Diego’s North Park. Unusual menu items, never what we expect, but always tasty. Read more →

Writing, Weather, Wildwood

You know that old phrase about the dog days of summer? Well here in San Diego our dog days don’t typically come along  til October, so we’re all suffering in higher-than-normal heat AND humidity. (Not that we can complain compared to our Midwestern cousins). But still, settling into work is a challenge when the weather is so beastly and most… Read more →