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taking the ekphrastic challenge

Taking the Ekphrastic Challenge

A year ago I saw the phrase “ekphrastic challenge” and had no idea what it meant. Since then I’ve entered more than a few ekphrastic challenges and hope you do too. My first was at Rattle.com. Each month an image of a piece of art is published and we, the writers, are challenged to write a poem inspired by the… Read more →

cemetery challenge poetry

A Walk Amongst the Stones

A recent visit to the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (in San Diego, California) inspired this poem. Whenever I go there I’m struck with how many thousands of lives are gone – – and what stories they never had the chance to tell. A sea of white Vermont marble spreads across the closely clipped grass, spilling down to the ocean below.… Read more →

Nancy Hendrickson is not a poet but would love to be

Yes, I’m still on about the poetry class

Don’t ask me why. I’m not even a poet. But I really wanted to learn more about how to write more beautifully. So, in child-like stomping-ness, I found the format called a cinquain. Read about it here. My attempt: Drums beat floating on air Catch my heart’s reverie mirroring a time I once knew, long gone Read more →

Why write poetry

Who Gives a Rip About Poetry?

In the last few weeks I signed up to take two poetry seminars. Both were cancelled for lack of interest. A novel-writing course at the same venue was so popular they had to add a second session. Which lead me to wonder whether anyone gives a rip about poetry. I do. Poets know how to pack a punch is so few lines it… Read more →

[Challenge] One More Visit to Emily Dickinson

The first stanza of one of Emily Dickinson’s poems reads: The sky is low, the clouds are mean, A travelling flake of snow Across a barn or through a rut Debates if it will go. Your challenge is to use the first two lines of Emily’s work but replace the last two with your own. Good luck!  Leave your poem below… Read more →

[Challenge] From My Facebook Page

Come on over and join the WritersLife Facebook page. More challenges, contests, and conversation with authors of all genres. Being a writer doesn’t mean that’s all you do in life! Below is a fun exercise you may want to try yourself. (I dare you!) Post by Writerslife. Read more →

emily dickinson

[Challenge] Finish Emily’s Poem

I stole this idea from American Scholar. Using the first two lines of an Emily Dickinson (unfinished?) poem, readers were challenged to write the last two lines – being sure to use at least one  of Emily’s own writing conventions (dashes and capital letters).  Only two brave souls joined me.  Hoping for more next time. Read more →

Wife and War – Amalie Flynn

I stumbled across Amalie Flynn’s work about a month ago and was stuck by the stark beauty of her poetry. Her memoir, Wife and War will be released on 9/11/13.  Her writing was featured by The New York Times At War and by TIME.   She also blogs for The Huffington Post. Read more of her poetry at her blog.… Read more →

Introducing Terri Gadal – Poet

I’m not sure how I first ran across Terri Gadal’s poetry. As a woman “of a certain age”, I immediately recognized in her a kindred spirit – one brave enough to write about issues of aging.  It’s rare to find a writer willing to explore the dark corners where fear of memory loss and independence dwell – themes Terri faces… Read more →

Revisiting an Old Friend: Sylvia Plath

“The vivid tulips eat my oxygen.” Sylvia Plath I hadn’t read Plath for years, but when I recently heard a BBC recording of her reading Tulips, I pulled out my copy of Ariel to say hello to an old friend. Ariel was published posthumously back in the 60s, and contains the poems written in the last months of her life.… Read more →