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[Writer’s Life] Finding Inspiration

People often ask “where do you find your ideas?” Well, they’re everywhere. the girl sitting on the steps, smoking, looking dejected the guy skateboarding down the middle of the street the cat on the roof next door the song that won’t leave your head the whiff of rosemary the taste of risotto the neighbor’s argument the woman who crowds you in… Read more →

how to build a readership

How to Build Your Tribe

Before writing another word, I have two questions: What authors do you follow? Why? If you’d like to stop for five minutes and make a list of your answers, go ahead because this is important stuff. I’ll give you a few of my own just to get things going: Novels of Doug Preston and Lincoln Child: Because their Agent Pendergast is… Read more →

Write What You Love? Yes or No?

  The majority of the magazine articles and web content I used to write weren’t about topics I love. In fact, most were on topics that I had no hand in choosing. As a fulltime freelance writer, this was my business model and it worked just fine. But now, 29 books and countless articles later, I’m at a place in my… Read more →

When Is It Time to Quit Your Day Job?

When I first started writing for magazines I managed to collect my (not) fair share of rejection letters. However, I persisted in writing queries and improving my pitch. One day, the dam broke open and I was faced with a choice I was happy to make: Quit my job and jump full force into being a freelancer OR Keep my… Read more →

Writing News

Interesting tidbits found around the web this week: Amazon launches Kindle Worlds publishing platform for fan fiction … http://www.engadget.comWed, 22 May 2013 13:49:00 GMT The company's today announced Kindle Worlds, a new publishing platform that promises to pay writers royalties for stories inspired by established works. Naturally, the original rights holder needs to be a willing participant as … The… Read more →

6 AM in the Life of a Working Writer

There are just some mornings when working at the desk feels crummy. Which isn’t to say that writing feels crummy – just the feeling trapped. So why stay? Especially when I have a great coffeehouse a few minutes from where I live. Working this morning on finishing a new Kindle book that I’m so proud of. Read more →