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Authors don't always just write

Today I’m an iPhoneographer

  There are days when being an author means you just have to stop writing and create in another medium. This is one of those days. Shopping at my local produce market I saw a beautiful display of pumpkins large and small. iPhone at the ready I snapped this photo then had fun this morning tinkering with it to create… Read more →

Author Resources

Articles for Authors Why It’s OK to Crash and Burn Find Your True North: What Breaks Your Heart? Have You Tried Flash Non-Fiction? Anatomy of an Article, Part 1 Anatomy of an Article, Part 2 How to Become a Freelance Copywriter Newbie Advice for Copywriting (Video) Podcasts for Authors and Creatives Rocking Self-Publishing (I was interviewed in episode #47) Accidental Creative (creativity,… Read more →

Welcome. My name is Nancy Hendrickson and I like to shuffle words around until they make sense. Sometimes I succeed. I publish a newsletter, which is where you’ll find content not available on the site. I write about writing, photography, travel, history . . . all of the things that make up a creative life.  Join me. Read more →

Being a Generalist – Freelance Heaven or Hell?

My brain is wired to be curious. I’m as likely to pick up a book on lunar astronomy as I am to read one on tarot, Twitter or George Washington. That’s why trying to force myself into being a niche writer has never worked. You see, there’s this age-old debate over who has the greatest success as a freelance writer… Read more →