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Sometimes a Picture is Worth 10K Words – #challenge 88

Sometimes a Picture is Worth 10K Words – #challenge 88

Nancy Hendrickson writing challenge 88

I am just in love with pictures as I am with words.

For this challenge, use any picture you choose and write a ONE WORD story. On Twitter or Instagram use the hashtag #challenge88. I’ll post them here. Please upload your photo to Twitter or Instagram of Facebook so we can all enjoy your story.

(I’m @nhendricksonauthor on Instagram, nhendrickson1 on Twitter)

How to find a whopper of a story

How to find a whopper of a story

What short story does this photo make you want to write?

Want an idea for a great story?  Read on . . .

I’m an avid iphoneographer and I love driving around town taking shots. This one was taken with the iPhone 6S and the Hipstamatic app. (Sergio Lens, Maximus LXIX film). It’s a picture of the Mission San Diego de Alcala, the first of the California missions.

Looking at the picture, I’m drawn into a story of my own making. Native Californians, Jesuits, Spanish soldiers . . . religion, tradition, superstition.

If you’d like to have some fun with me, in a sentence, tell me what your picture-inspired short story is about.

Mine: Spanish soldier deserts the priests and the military to seek gold in the local hills, gets lost in the desert and is saved by . . . ?

Steal a Line . . . Then Write

Steal a Line . . . Then Write

Short story exercise, steal a line

In the spring I took a short story writing course from Cornelia Feye, author of Spring of Tears and House of the Fox. As a non-fiction author, these types of classes scare the heck out of me – but as it turned out I managed to write a fairly decent short story. What you’ll read below isn’t the short story, but a few paragraphs from an exercise we did in class. The first line is from a published work and the exercise was to continue writing using the first line as a launch pad. Again, first line is not mine. Why don’t you use the same first line and see what pops out of your creative mind?

The great Pullman was whirling onwards with such dignity of motion that a glance from the window seemed simply to prove that the plains of Texas were pouring eastward. Not fast enough, thought Jake, not fast enough.

Leaning back against the frayed wool blanket that had suffocated him the night before, he now felt oddly comforted by its warmth. Just like Anna. Too hot, just right.

As the unbroken expanse of nameless desert sped by, he idly wondered why anyone had been so keen on grabbing this from Mexico. Who cares? Who gives a good God damn? Anna would, of course. But then her family had put down roots generations before Jake had appeared on the horizon. Before Jake had turned her smug little town upside down.

Glancing at his wrist, he momentarily regretted trading his watch for a plate of grits and a glass of warm beer.  Who needs it anyway. He could see the sky well enough to know the sun had just crossed mid-heaven, well enough to know Anna was still a good three hours east. Too far.

Any other time he would have settled into the rocking rhythm and lullaby of the tracks. But not this time. Not this time.








From July 2015 through the end of December I became the primary caregiver/support for my dear friend who suffered a massive stroke. During that time my work suffered and I became more run down than I’ve ever been before. For someone like me who is a high producer, those five months were a challenge.

Coming into January I had an epiphany about my work world. While I love producing, my nature (call it my superpower) has always been that of a curator. I find stuff . . . I share stuff. I love putting people together with other people or with services, information, or products that I think will help them. If you read either of my free Flipboard magazines (Writer’s Life or History Travel Photography) you’ll see that I was born to curate! (I currently have close to 27,000 viewers)

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A Writer’s Challenge – Haiku, Photograph, Journal or ?

A Writer’s Challenge – Haiku, Photograph, Journal or ?

I read a fascinating article a few days ago about a writer who committed to writing a haiku every day for a year. Being one who enjoys a challenge I decided to create one for myself – and hopefully you’ll join me.

This is my challenge to me: Do something creative every day for 30 days. For me it might be a haiku, a photograph, a poem, a list of books I want to write, a drawing (probably stick figures!), a beautiful quote, or who knows what else.

Feel free to join me  for the next 30 days, and comment with a share about your challenge and your creations.