Dear Creative,


This site is all about freelance writing in its many forms: magazines, blog posts, seo content, books . . . you name it. I’m glad you’re onboard for a little exploration.

I’ve been a fulltime freelancer for lots of years, have written 30 books and will probably write even more. I started my freelance writer as a magazine writer but as the Web evolved, so did I.

I’m all in to help you find your niche . . . and to help you live the dream. (Read about my Non-Fiction Book Consulting Service)

What You’ll Find Here

First, don’t look for lengthy blog posts. My posts are designed to inspire ideas, questions, or new ways of thinking. Sometimes I write a paragraph, sometimes I create a word-picture. I want my blog posts to be little thought-zingers not long ruminations.

[disclaimer: ok, sometimes I do write long]

Next, check out these five links:

  1. Author Resources (you’ll find my favorite freebies here)
  2. Book Promotion – Where’s Your Audience
  3. Make a Decision About Your Writing Goals
  4. Publishers That Pay for Short Stories
  5. Where to Submit Your Writing

Questions? I love getting them, I love answering them. Hit the Contact link at the top of the page and ask away. Because I’m both indie and traditionally published, I can help you from both sides of the table. I really want to get to know you, so let me know what kind of writing you do or want to do. Where you need help and where you’ve got it made.