Stalled? I’m a Non-Fiction Book Consultant

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If Your Book Project is Stuck, Work With Me

Once upon a time I wanted to see my name on the cover of a book. At the time I was writing for magazines as a freelancer and wasn’t sure how I’d ever get to do a book. Then something kinda cool happened. Because of my interest in astronomy, I became a volunteer sunspot watcher for AAVSO (American Association of Variable Star Observers) and became friends with the guy who ran the program.

What happened next was, in retrospect, surreal. I sent a query to a publisher that specialized in astronomy books, suggesting a book for beginning solar observers, co-authored with the AAVSO fellow. Guess what? They said yes! After that project I did another astronomy book and that’s how all this book stuff got started.

Since then I’ve had two astronomy books, multiple genealogy books, two history books, three ghostwritten books, and three coffee table books traditionally published. Along with that, more Kindle books than I can remember.

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Where Are You Stuck?

In all the time that I’ve been a professional writer, the question most new writers ask me is how to write a  first book or how to finish a book that’s stalled. The real questions are:

  • how do I get an idea?
  • how do I create a structure?
  • what’s the writing process like?
  • how do I sustain interest?
  • how do I self-publish?
  • how do I finish the book that’s already started?

I know how frustrating it is for a book pr0ject to stall. And I know how exhilarating it is to type The End!  That’s one of the reasons I became a non-fiction book consultant. I know how to start a project and I know how to complete one – and I know how to walk you through the exact steps you need to do to accomplish the same.

I only consult on two projects a month, depending on my own work schedule. If you’re serious about getting your non-fiction book unstuck, I invite you to claim one of my open slots.

Let’s See If We’re a Good Fit

Okay, I think that covers it.  But to recap: If your  book project is stalled, stale or in a state of chaos and you’d like to book a consultation:

  1. Send me an email using the Contact form and tell me about your project and its status (in the thinking stage, partially done, stuck, etc).
  2. I will reply with a few questions, just to clarify your project’s status.
  3. If I think we’ll work well together I’ll send you an invoice via Paypal and schedule your consult as soon as possible.

What My Clients Say

I can’t believe I actually finished my book! Thank you!  Cindy D. Texas

I never would have been able to do this without your help. Charlene C., California

Without your structure, my book would never have been completed. Michael J., Canada

Non-Fiction Book Consulting Fee

My consulting fees are $200 an hour, payable in advance. I do not require multiple sessions or multiple time commitments. There’s no obligation to continue after your initial consultation.

If you’re interested in working with me, follow the steps above. And remember, I only work on non-fiction projects.

There’s nothing as satisfying as completing a book and getting it published. That’s my goal for you. We all have a book inside us – so let’s make it happen.


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