Emily Dickinson and a San Diego Coffeehouse


A week or so ago I tweeted an article about the second known photo of Emily Dickinson being found.  Long a lover of Emily’s work, I found myself thinking about her this morning over coffee at Monica’s at the Park, a favorite San Diego coffeehouse.

Sitting out on the patio I was fascinated by the hundreds of bees darting in and out of the bottlebrush tree and wondered what Emily would write about their flight. Thus, this homage, with apologies to the master herself.


The bottlebrush is filled with bees
Emily would be so pleased.
Buzzing, darting stem to stern
Nectar sweeter with each turn.

And one of my favorites, written by Emily


The pedigree of honey
Does not concern the bee;
A clover, anytime to him
is aristocracy.

 Bottlebrush image courtesy Edward Russell

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