The Season of Your Life

writers and their goals

I was listening to a podcast about goals earlier in the week. One of the points made was that when we make goals we need to take into account “the season of our life”. That means wanting to get into the Olympics as a downhill skier aren’t realistic if, at age 45, you just took up the…
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You probably know about NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) that comes around every November. During the month, participants do their best to write a 50,000 word novel. As a non-novelist (at least for now) I’ve never been tempted to do NANO, but my friend, Jessica Macbeth (author of the Faeries Oracle) invited me to join…
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[This Week] Updating my Book

This week at Herb Cottage I’m doing an update of my book for F&W Media. The book is selling well but released a couple of major site changes so the book needs updating before the next printing, which will probably be early this fall. Although I typically write about non-fiction writing and productivity,…
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