Udemy Women Instructors Offer Deep Discounts

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Fellow women Udemy instructors have banded together to create deep discounts in honor of Valentine’s Day. Some of these coupons will have end dates, others are open-ended.  Although topics range across a wide variety of interests, you’ll find several that have to do with writing. (Especially – see my co-author, Michelle Campbell-Scott ‘s offerings and of course my own!)

Denise Fletcher

Managing Change https://www.udemy.com/implement-change-more-effectively-by-embracing-collaboration/?couponCode=ROCK19

Procrastination https://www.udemy.com/banish-procrastination-today-no-more-time-wasting/?couponCode=ROCK19

Goals  https://www.udemy.com/setting-goals-for-success/?couponCode=ROCK10    Continue reading