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This week at Herb Cottage is focused around Josie the Cat. She’s started having increased vocalization, salvia herb cottagewhich the vet says can be pain, thyroid, hypertension, etc. She has an appointment tomorrow . . . will know more than.

On the work front, I finished four videos today for my friends over at Family Tree University. Three of them are quick tutorials and the fourth is for a webinar that will be presented on December 18. It was fun putting the videos together – and makes me want to get busy and work on my next Udemy course. If you’re interested in either of my courses, email me using the contact form and I’ll send you a 50% discount coupon.


I’ve been circling around this thought for a long time – and in fact have mentioned it more than once inpurple my newsletters. It’s so common to define ourselves based on what we do for a living. And since you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you either write for a living, want to write for a living, or simply enjoy creating word-based projects. But is “writer” how you define yourself.

I did a journaling exercise years ago that I go back to again and again because it helps define me in ways that “writer” does not. And, interestingly, (though not surprisingly) the definition changes.

I’d like to share the exercise with you, hoping you find it as useful as I do. And please, take a minute to share your “exercise” in the comment box at the bottom of this post.