How I Got My First Magazine Assignment – and You Can Too

It only takes one yes. After  giving up my childhood dream of being an archaelogist, I turned my attention to writing – specifically writing for magazines.  Here’s what happened: I went to my first writer’s conference in Phoenix, Arizona where the editor of Arizona Highways  told a story about assigning articles to three freelancers. But, as it turned out, only one of the articles… Read more →

How To Find the Heart of a Story

If you’ve read my blog posts: Anatomy of an Article, Parts 1 and 2, you’ll know I’m a great one for note-taking.  Take a minute and read those two posts, then come back and read this . I recently traveled to Aztec Ruins in northern New Mexico, which was once occupied by what we called Anasazi; today the term “ancestral Puebloans” is… Read more →

Write Your Way to Understanding

If you think you know what you think about something, write about it. You may be surprised at what you discover. I thought I knew what I thought about my desk (pretty much nothing) until I wrote about three objects that inhabit my desktop. Not only was I surprised at how the three were connected, I discovered deep, deep feelings… Read more →

Today Oct 9 – Grab 18 Great Books for $.99 each

Sometimes, self-publishing seems completely overwhelming. There’s so much to learn and not enough time to do it. What if you could learn it all and get a ton of cheap self-publishing resources all in a single day? March to a Bestseller 3 is a one-day sale on books for authors, but it’s so much more. Eighteen bestselling masters of marketing,… Read more →

[Challenge] One More Visit to Emily Dickinson

The first stanza of one of Emily Dickinson’s poems reads: The sky is low, the clouds are mean, A travelling flake of snow Across a barn or through a rut Debates if it will go. Your challenge is to use the first two lines of Emily’s work but replace the last two with your own. Good luck!  Leave your poem below… Read more →

Writing Themes for July

Canada Day is July 1, Independence Day July 4, and Bastille Day July 14.  Canada Day celebrates the merging of three colonies into a country,  July 4 the 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence, and July 14 the beginning of the French Revolution. Do you think that July has a little something special in the air? If you’re in… Read more →