When a Mistake Can Be a Blessing

I walked over to my local coffeehouse yesterday (Mystic Mocha) and on the way home saw a weathered bench that I thought would make an interesting photo. I pulled out my iPhone and snapped. I knew the photo would need cropping and editing, but I was pretty sure I could make something of it. The unedited version is at the… Read more →

freelance writing resources


From July 2015 through the end of December I became the primary caregiver/support for my dear friend who suffered a massive stroke. During that time my work suffered and I became more run down than I’ve ever been before. For someone like me who is a high producer, those five months were a challenge. Coming into January I had an epiphany about… Read more →

Nancy Hendrickson Site Audit

Have I Made Mistakes? Check.

I used to write a lot for a history magazine. In fact, pay from the magazine and the website constituted the bulk of my income at the time. One assignment was to write about an old-fashioned country store. I did the research, wrote the article, it was published. Done. But then  a reader contacted the magazine, telling them that I… Read more →

Author Resources

Articles for Authors Why It’s OK to Crash and Burn Find Your True North: What Breaks Your Heart? Have You Tried Flash Non-Fiction? Anatomy of an Article, Part 1 Anatomy of an Article, Part 2 How to Become a Freelance Copywriter Newbie Advice for Copywriting (Video) Podcasts for Authors and Creatives Rocking Self-Publishing (I was interviewed in episode #47) Accidental Creative (creativity,… Read more →

marketing strategies

Simple Marketing Strategies for Authors

In my book, Sell More Books, I write about 55 different (free) marketing approaches for writers of all personalities. For example, the suggestions for the Rock Star type of author are far different than the Emily Dickinson.  Here are five of the book’s most simple strategies for marketing your book or your blog.  Set up, polish and publish your Author… Read more →

how to build a readership

How to Build Your Tribe

Before writing another word, I have two questions: What authors do you follow? Why? If you’d like to stop for five minutes and make a list of your answers, go ahead because this is important stuff. I’ll give you a few of my own just to get things going: Novels of Doug Preston and Lincoln Child: Because their Agent Pendergast is… Read more →

Creative Writer Challenge

  My friend Alison Cross inspired me with her 30 days of creativity self-challenge. I decided to take a similar challenge and hope you’ll join me. Instead of posting my 30 days of creative writer endeavors here you can find them over at Facebook on my Writers Life page. Don’t be shy! Come join in the fun and post your creative… Read more →

[Flash NonFiction] The Great Archer Wept

The last time I saw the Milky Way throwing garlands across the night sky was on a moonless night in western Nebraska. Bands of darkness ran river-like through the streaming starlight, the interstellar dust playing hide-n-seek with the stars beyond. The brightest area seen from my Earth-bound perch was in the direction of Sagittarius, the Great Archer, who moved relentlessly… Read more →