My writing friends – I’ve decided to use each Monday as an opportunity to post a thought-provoking quote and write a few words about how I see the idea coloring my writing week. Let me know what you think about this idea.

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I’ve written a lot of really bad stuff over the years, and tossed the majority. I’ve also come to understand that allowing myself to make mistakes (or, as one of my readers said: allow yourself to be terrible) is a more valuable piece of advice than I could have predicted.

I remember sitting on the steps of my patio years ago, reading the opening paragraph of an article I was writing for Astronomy magazine.  As I reworked and reworked the graph, I realized that the only thing I had accomplished was editing the heart out of the piece. The words were perfectly fine and perfectly correct, but the feeling – the “getting it” – was gone. I had allowed myself to make mistakes but I hadn’t known which of them to keep. By discarding all of the words, I’d thrown away the blood.

I worked hard to get some creativity back into the opening paragraphs and this is what I ended up creating. (It was written about visiting Meteor Crater in Arizona) . . . keep reading

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Sometimes we need to back away from a project, plan, book, idea . . . and give it time to be.

I recently spent two weeks working on a rough draft for a mystery novella. At the end of the two weeks I thought “this is such crap, what was I thinking?” Guess what? I re-read the draft two weeks later and thought “hey, this isn’t half bad!”. It was the same writing, the same approach, the same talent . . . why the difference?

Time and distance.

If you’re feeling like your work isn’t good enough . . . be a little like those sea gulls and just float away. You can return, but not today.

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