What Do You Want Next?

what is next for a writer

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Before I went to bed last night I thought about all of the time I spend taking care of things that have nothing to do with writing. I’m sure you know what I mean: promotion, networking, planning . . . all of those non-writing things that most of us writers don’t really love.

It frustrates me to have so much on my plate because it doesn’t feel like it supports my inner journey of reflection, reading, jotting notes, or just daydreaming about the things I want to write. While the promotional stuff is critical, the rest (notes, daydreaming, etc) is equally important. How can we create without those moments of nothingness?

Since creating The 15-Minute Writer video course I’ve thought a lot about how much a writer can accomplish in a short time, particularly if there’s a commitment to Continue reading

Nancy’s Old Poetry and New Images – Free for Two Days

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I’m doing my level best not to cringe at the thought of my poetry from many years ago being loosed upon the land. It’s one thing to love your poetry when you’re 20, but another at my [fairly] advanced age. But I did it, nonetheless.

In addition to the poetry, the tiny volume has close to 20 of my very recent art photos . . . my favorite creative endeavor next to writing. A little of the old me, a little of the now me.

One thing I hope for in doing this is that YOU will pull some writing out of an old box or from a desk drawer and just get it out into the world. I know you have something to say, so do it!

Today (April 16) and tomorrow (April 17) Feathers That Perch in the Soul will be free for Amazon’s Kindle. Grab a copy.


Book Promotion – Where’s Your Audience?


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There are as many (or more) book promotion ideas as grapes in this guy’s hands. But which one/s do you pick? It depends on where your audience hangs out.

It’s possible that the book buyer who’s in love with Pinterest is also on Instagram but is he also on Digg? And yes, your readers may watch cat videos on YouTube, but is that their go-to site for finding new books? If you don’t know the answer to the questions, you need to find out. Now.

But how?


Go to SurveyMonkey and create a free survey. Then post the survey on your website or email the link to your mailing list. Ask where they go to find new books, book deals, and new authors – like you.

What to do after getting survey results?

In my own survey, I found these were the top responses:

  1. Browsing Amazon
  2. Amazon book review
  3. Choosing books by authors you’ve already read
  4. Online reviews (bloggers, book websites)
  5. Magazine articles
  6. Author newsletters
  7. Friends

The important thing to remember is that this is a survey of people who read MY newsletters; it won’t reflect online sites that would draw romance, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, or thriller readers. My readers (at least those who took the survey) aren’t on Pinterest, Instagram, Digg, or Stumbleupon looking for books. That isn’t to say that YOUR readers won’t be.

Lesson: When you do the survey, remember that it’s going to reflect your readers, not mine.

So, what can be learned about book promotions?

For me, the lessons about how to promote my work are clear:

  1. Don’t waste my time on social media marketing except for my own Facebook page or group.
  2. Search out bloggers who might like to review one of my books or courses or who might like me to write a guest post.
  3. Be consistent in writing my own newsletter.
  4. Most important: Dramatically improving my book descriptions on Amazon
  5. Get more book reviews on Amazon

Book Promotion Plan:  If I concentrate on just those five things, perhaps one each day, then rinse and repeat each week, I believe my book promotional efforts will improve as will my sales.

What about your book promotions?  Get a survey going, see where your readers hang out and leave a comment about your promotional ideas.  Let’s all get more interest in our work!


p.s. what do you think of the little audio at the beginning of the post? like, don’t like?