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Off to the Races: Sell More Books – 55 Free Promotions that Work

sell more books for websiteOn sale now until Easter (the Bunny made me do it!)

You may already know about tweeting your book, but do you know how effective a Facebook event can be? My newest book, written with Michelle Campbell-Scott, gives 55 different promotional methods. We know some of them are fairly well-known, but others have flown under the radar – and we want you to take advantage of as many promo methods as possible.

To make it easy, we created five different categories, based on your personality type. Let’s face it, not all of us love putting our face in front of a video camera! Whether you’re the

  • Rock Star
  • Big Five
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Best Friend
  • Wizard

you’re going to find promos that fit you perfectly. Now available on the Kindle.

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