The Creative Writer

The creative writer 60 days of writing prompts

Gear up for 60 days of writing prompts. Guaranteed to break you out of in-the-box thinking . . . and slide you into your true creative self.

Jump Start Your Creativity

If you write or create, you know there are days when your words or ideas are as flat as a bad hair day. That’s when you need a little something extra to get the juices flowing. And I’m not talking about coffee, vino or other jump-starters!

The Creative Writer – 60 Days of (Scrumptious) Writing Prompts ensures that even the worst of your writing days can sparkle using this combination of words and pictures. Why pictures? Because sometimes words just don’t cut it alone.

Use this book for 60 days, 20 days, or 365 days by randomly picking a day and just seeing where the words and images take you. It’s all about shifting your creative brain away from the obvious and seeing things in a new perspective. It works!

The Creative Writer was created by an author with 30 books to her credit – and a long history of using images to get her writing out of the doldrums and into sparkly brilliance!

Don’t Wait Til Next Year

Don’t put your creativity on the back burner for another month, year or even a day. Pick up The Creative Writer – 60 days of (Scrumptious) Writing Prompts and let your creativity out to play.

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